Welcome to the Construction Marketing Group.

We are a free service to UK construction companies to help you get free quotes and support for marketing.

The construction and property industry in the UK is highly competitive.  As such, you need to stand out.

Just let us know what area of marketing you are looking for, and we will get 5 local marketing agencies to contact you.  All agencies will have experience of marketing in the construction industry.

Finding New Business

For many construction companies, finding new business is a challenge.  How do you generate new clients whilst maintaining existing ones?  How do you keep you sales pipeline full.

Sales experts are needed in order to do the following:

  • Identify New Prospects
  • Introduce Your Brand
  • Nurture The Relationship
  • Pass Over The Relationship
The points above for many sales people and sales teams are a full time job in itself, and with sales people coming and going, finding a reliable system is a constant challenge.  This is where we can help!  By introducing you to Construction Marketing experts we can help you keep your sales pipeline full.  Construction marketing experts can help you to identify new prospects, nurture them and pass them over as new customers.

How Strong Is Your Brand?

Within the construction industry, your brand needs to stand out.  Both to your prospective customers, and to your competitors.  Marketing in the construction industry is a competitive process, and as the sector grows, this is becoming more of a challenge.  

This is something we can also help you with.  By introducing you to construction marketing experts that can help you build your brand, to stand out in your particular niche in the construction sector.

Local Experts

The UK is a large country, and having a local marketing agency is important.  This is where the Construction Marketing Group seeks to help.  There are tens of thousands of marketing companies in the UK, why not work with someone local?  We aim to not only help you find a construction  marketing expert, but to find you a trusted partner that is local to you.