The Construction Marketing Group (CMG) was formed in 2002 to help construction companies quickly find marketing companies with construction experience.  Part of Positive Move Ltd The Construction Marketing Group is closely linked to Marketing Quotes.

Over the years, we have built up a wide network of construction industry experts from around the UK.  The internet is a very large place, as such, finding anything specific is not easy.  This is why we formed the Construction Marketing Group, to quickly help construction and property companies find a local marketing expert.

We do feel that location is important, working with a marketing agency that is 10 miles away is much better than one that is 300 miles away.  Meetings play an important part in communication.  Since marketing is all about communicating a message, location is linked to the success of the marketing campaign.

A meeting also gives you the chance to confirm if the claims the marketing agency make on their website are genuine.  Many agencies claim to be 'the UK's number 1 marketing agency'.  A meeting gives the chance to see if the claims are correct.